How To Get Adsense Approval within One Day in 2016 (New Techniques)

If you want to get Adsense Approval it’s difficult to get approval for Google but i have done already with My experience/technique.
៚ Only 20 articles + your domain name + new gmail full infomation + sign up adsense = Fully Adsense Approval just one day ៚

* To get Adsense Approval You can following as my technique.
There are 6 techniques:

1. Create a blog ( you need to use the old Gmail), including naming the blog that you want.
2. Find or buy a template with SEO, Responsive for your blogger.
3. Write English least 20 (20 contents) who wrote each article.
* You can write any language Adsense support.
4. buy a website address or domain address (domain name) from a Top Level domain such as ..,.
* Your website’s name address (website name) example:
5. Create a new Gmail account requires that you fulfill these functions:
Put a photo in Gmail account, name, gender, date of birth, place of birth, education and so on.
* The reason you do this is to meet the desired principles of Google.
* You can set an nick name.
6. To sign up adsense, you have to go to and click sign up with your new Gmail
Newly created. Then type your website address (domain address) to sign up.

!Note: [age of my domain,blog,and gmail only one day]
It’s my new technique!!!
Any question comment below.


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