How to add a Facebook Like Page on Blogger

A Facebook Like page widget is connected your blogger or website to your Facebook page. Infact, Blogger gives an interface to making your own gadgets or widgets with a Blog or Web address, the Facebook widget or gadgets (Facebook developers) allow you to make automatically create a widgets or gadget on your Website or Blogger that corresponds to your Facebook page. Once created, the Facebook like page badge also posts in the default gadget on your Blogger or Website.

How to:

  1. Sign in to your Blogger account (Gmail account).
  2. Go to and sign in using the text fields at the top if you aren’t already logged in.
  3. Click on “Page Badge” in the main menu of the Facebook Badges page (Facebook like page).
  4. Click on “Blogger” adjacent to the page you want to promote on your website. Facebook redirects you to Blogger or website.
  5. Select the Blogger blog where you want the page badge to appear. Type a title for the gadget in the text field (example: Find us on Facebook) and click “Add Gadget.”

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